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White Space in Black Box
video and monitor installation, 2000. 9
flat TV monitor, video player, iron box(66*56*52cm)
There is a white space. The color of the space sometimes seems to look transparent and sometimes it doesn't. Viewers can see the place in the image which is on the screen, but can merely identify it. The same women are continuously entering the picture and they are walking in the space along their own paths. In that place the perspective makes the image seem three-dimensional. On the other hand, sometimes two or more women occupy the same place at the same time and overlap each other. These scenes make the space into a place where a three-dimensional perspective is deconstructed and sometimes a flat and two dimensional space co-exists with three dimensional space. These lead our vision back and forth between two dimensional space and three dimensional place, so that 'white space' becomes ambiguous. The word, 'black box' in the title, signifies the curiosity and confusion about the ambiguous space in the monitor tube and its picture screen.


Exhibition History:

  • < Korean Contemporary Film Festival 2002 >, Video Art Section, Iichi Art and culture Center, Art Space A, Nagoya, Japan
  • < MAAP (Multimedia Art Asia Pacific) >, digital degree section "excess", Australia
  • < Turn Around at 'the Between' >, Insa Art Space of the Korean Culture & Art Foundation at Insadong, Seoul, Korea
  • < Nomadic Video >, gallery ARTSIDE, Seoul, Korea
  • < Woods and Dream >, EMAF - â“”Media Art Festival Ehwa women's university, Seoul, Korea
  • < Public Ceremony Project of Art >, HyoSungWon, Pundang, Korea