<Breathing Area>, 2014
<Looking at BukAk Mountain>, 2014 <Light Green Leaves with Light>, 2012 <Encountering Two Times>, 2012
<Playground_slides>, 2011 <Playground_dock>, 2011 <Playground>, 2011
<Bridge>, 2009 <Bridge>, 2009 <Encounter - Tree>, 2009
<Encounter - Sea>, 2009 <Encounter - Scene: morning sky)>, 2009 <Encounter -Scene: grass field>, 2009
CorrespondingIII, 2006 <Corresponding3> <Doors>, 2002
<a Billiard table>, 2001 <Sun Rising>, 2000 <the Willow tree>, 2000
<the Ways..>, 2000 <White Space in Black Box>, 2000 <WaterFall>, 2000
<WaterFall>, 1999 <Melting Ice>, 1999 <Game -GawiBawiBo>, 1999
<the Sea - recognition of sea space>, 1998 <the Fire - recognition of fire space>, 1998  
the Sea - recognition of sea space
video installation, 1998. 11
a regular hexahedron ( 100 * 100 * 100 cm), 4 video pojectors, 4 video players
This work has the same conceptual structure as the installation work, <fire>. Like <Fire>, the sea is projected onto a 3 dimensional screen in the shape of hexahedron. If the viewers stand in front of the structure, they can feel as if the waves are coming toward them.
After I made this work, the most common question for me has been, "Why did you make the sea in that shape?" I recognize the abstract and idealistic sea as a hexahedron as if I recognize the fire space as a four-side-pyramid.
movie(wmv), sound, 1min