<Breathing Area>, 2014
<Looking at BukAk Mountain>, 2014 <Light Green Leaves with Light>, 2012 <Encountering Two Times>, 2012
<Playground_slides>, 2011 <Playground_dock>, 2011 <Playground>, 2011
<Bridge>, 2009 <Bridge>, 2009 <Encounter - Tree>, 2009
<Encounter - Sea>, 2009 <Encounter - Scene: morning sky)>, 2009 <Encounter -Scene: grass field>, 2009
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<the Ways..>, 2000 <White Space in Black Box>, 2000 <WaterFall>, 2000
<WaterFall>, 1999 <Melting Ice>, 1999 <Game -GawiBawiBo>, 1999
<the Sea - recognition of sea space>, 1998 <the Fire - recognition of fire space>, 1998  
video installation , 2002. 3
2 closed circuit cameras, 2 video projectors, 2 monitors, structure with 2 doors
cowork with Jeong Han Kim
exhibited at < Crosstalk >, Art Center of the Korean Culture & Art Foundation, Seoul
This work is an interactive installation with 2 video projectors and 2 CCTV cameras.
There is a wall with two doors in an exhibition hall. Two video projectors and two CCTV cameras are installed on the ceiling. And each camera and video projector is aimed crosswise at one front side of a door and one rear side of a door. So the images of viewers who pass through the doors are projected into the opposite side of the door : a viewer who is exiting through the rear side seems to be entering the front side and vice versa. In other words, on each side of wall, the actual image of viewers and the virtual image from video projectors are seen at the same time on both side of the walls. This work makes a circulated and intermixed space composed of real and virtual images and of inner and outer sides of doors.
movie(wmv), no sound