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<the willow tree>,2000
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<the Sea - recognition of sea space>, 1998 <the Fire - recognition of fire space>, 1998  
the Willow tree
video installation, 2000. 9
ribbon tapes of ceiling structure, 3 video pojectors, 3 video players, audio and speaker
Hundreds of ribbon tapes hanging down from the ceiling are moved by the artificial wind blowing through the ceiling fans. The moving image of willow tree is projected on the ribbon tapes and spectators pass under and through the leaves of willow, hearing the sound of locusts' singing. In the work the viewer are engaged in and can feel the moving image of virtual willow tree and wind. This work is based on my own experience of passing under the willow trees on my way school or home.


Critique by Kang, Tae-Sung (Art Critic) : Korean

featured in an article by Won Gon Lee (Art Critic) of art and culture magazine

exbihited at 1st Solo Exihibition < 'Turn Around at 'the Between'>,
Insa Art Space of the Korean Culture & Art Foundation at Insadong, Seoul, Sep 6~15, 2000



movie(wmv) ( sound, 4min 30sec)
movie(wmv) ( sound, 1min 30sec)