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<the Sea - recognition of sea space>, 1998 <the Fire - recognition of fire space >, 1998  
the Fire - recognition of fire space
video installation, 1998. 6
four-side-pyramid ( bottomâ–³ 100*100*100 cm, height 120 cm),
3 video projectors, 3 video players


installed at graduate certificate exhibition
of the college of fine arts of Seoul National University, 1998. 12
This is my first trial of video work. I want to test a difference between moving images and stable structures. This is made with a four-sided-pyramid as a three-dimensional screen. From three different directions to the each side of the pyramid, the moving image of fire is projected. The image replays continuously from the fire burning furiously to burning ashes. Viewers who see this work react to it by taking out their hands and holdong them close to the screen, as if they were in front of a campfire. As if a virtual campfire had any heat! The realization of the relationship between real and virtual experience gives me a great topic. It leads me to have a question about the relationship of virtual and physical reality and the viewers' experience of spaces and the interplay of sense and recognition.
movie(wmv)(sound, 2min 30sec)
movie(wmv)(sound, 1min 50sec)