<Breathing Area>, 2014
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<the Ways..>, 2000 <White Space in Black Box>, 2000 <WaterFall>, 2000
<WaterFall>, 1999 <Melting Ice>, 1999 <Game -GawiBawiBo>, 1999
<the Sea - recognition of sea space>, 1998 <the Fire - recognition of fire space>, 1998  
Sun Rising
DVD installation, 2000.11
20 flat monitors, 4 DVD players, a dimmer, 24 lights colored blue, red, yellow
cowork with Jeong Han Kim
installed running subway line 6th in Soeul, the 7th train, 2000-2001
This is a work installed at a public art project named "digital travel" in running subway line sixth of Seoul. In this work the sun is the symbol of hope. The place of subway is a common place used by many thousands of common city peoples who commute from home to working places in a day. In one sense their lives of working and sleeping are very repetitive and dull. Many city peoples even don't or can't see the sun in the morning and at evening. To them the meaning of sun rising may give the irregular or uncommon time concepts. Some one may have a dream and hope of his or her life.
movie(wmv), no sound, 2min 20sec, video source for installation