<Breathing Area>, 2014
<Looking at BukAk Mountain>, 2014 <Light Green Leaves with Light>, 2012 <Encountering Two Times>, 2012
<Playground_slides>, 2011 <Playground_dock>, 2011 <Playground>, 2011
<Bridge>, 2009 <Bridge>, 2009 <Encounter - Tree>, 2009
<Encounter - Sea>, 2009 <Encounter - Scene: morning sky)>, 2009 <Encounter -Scene: grass field>, 2009
CorrespondingIII, 2006


<Doors>, 2002
<a Billiard table>, 2001

<Sun Rising>, 2000

<the willow tree>,2000
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조우(遭遇) - 다리에서 바라보다: 비디오 카메라들 (Encounter - Video Cameras on the Bridge), photograph, 2009



조우(遭遇) - 다리 (Encounter - the Bridge), photograph, 2009



조우(遭遇) - 다리에서 바라보다 (Encounter - Looking from the Bridge), photograph, 2009



조우(遭遇) - 다리의 낙서들 (다리 위의 기억 / 다리의 기억) , 2009

(Encounter - Grafitti (Memories on the Bridge / Memories of the Bridge)), photograph, 2009



Exhibition View
Bridge (ideation process)
conceptual drawings with photographs & computer drawing , 2009
a bridge structure, a video pojector, a custom made screen, a surround audio system, a block of rock

<Bridge>는 한 계곡에서의 나의 경험을 상황적으로 재구성하여 표현한 비디오 인스톨레이션 작업이다. 계곡의 징검다리, 그곳에서 노는 아이들, 그들이 비춰지는 물의 reflection, 햇빛의 반짝임, 다리 위의 행인들의 대화소리와 카메라 소리가 보이거나 보이지 않는 다리의 상황을 하나의 연극적 무대처럼 제시하고 있다. 갤러리에 설치된 bridge는 관객에게 나의 경험을 매개하여 마주하게 하는 장소가 되는 동시에, 그들에게 또다른 그들의 새로운 경험과 기억을 이끌어 내게하는 장소가 되며, 과거와 현재, 나와 그들, 그리고 우리들, 기억과 추억 혼재된 우연적 만남을 의도하고자 한다.

<Bridge> is a video installation that re-composes my personal experience and memory on the bridge on a valley in a summer day. Two video cameras recorded the scenes on the bridge such as the scene of the valley bathed in sunlight, children playing on the stepping-stones in the valley moving the stone from one to another points (or sometimes throwing stones in the water), and the children's reflection vividly shining on the surface of water. Although the scene shot or composed in the video frame only shows the valley itself, the video also contains the occasional conversation or camera shutter sounds, which were made on the bridge by passersby, or children's parent's voices cast outside the valley. The scene observed from the bridge reminded as a theatrical setting and the final installation of this video work also includes the theatrical setting of the bridge in the gallery space with a protruded screen and a surround sound system. The installed bridge in the gallery aims to create a not only representational but also mediated space that can deliver or transfer my personal experience to the audience. At the same time, for the audience this video space can provide some chances to recollect their own childhood memory related to the valley or a nature like the Madeleine of Proust. The space of valley, although I have carefully and intentionally approached to recompose the situation before the audience, tries to provide them with encountering experiences with memories both of the past and in the present, the relationship of me, them, and us, and reminiscence (remembrance) and involuntary memory. Therefore, intentionality and any possibility of chances (or any possible contingency) are complicatedly interwoven in this work.


installed at 3rd Solo Exhibition <Encounter-Bridge>,
Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul, April 10~ May 5, 2009