<The Breath of the Sea>, 2014 <Ripplecast>, 2009 <Ripplecast>, 2009
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<Illumination>, 2007 <Cross_Being:Dancer(Spinning Screen)>, 2008 <Layered Time>, 2007
<The Spinning Screen_Version 2> <Where's Waldo?>, 2007 <Flora Electronica>, 2007
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( Tracing with candlelights )
interactive video installation, 2007. 10
cowork with Hyungsin Kim, Gaurav Gupta, Ali Mazalek
mWiiremotes, video projector, computer running MAX / JITTER

WiiArts is an experimental video, audio and image processing art project that invites viewers into a collaborative and expressive art experience. It uses pre-existing sensing technologies provided by Nintendo's WiiRemotes and a wireless Sensor Bar. In its current form, three interactors can work together to create and compose images and sounds.

Illumination created under the overarching theme of WiiArts is a real-time video art piece that draws fluid candlelight traces. In its current form, the projection screen becomes a shared drawing canvas, and up to three users can draw simultaneously with their own WiiRemotes. The candlelight source imagery is captured from three burning candles in real-time. Thus, the three candlelight traces drawn by three interactors can be composed together to create a dynamic drawing. Since this drawing uses light in a dark space, the overall process of drawing provides a contemplative aesthetic experience.

Professor Michael Nitsche interacting with Illumination
•   “Listening Machines” (WiiArts Project, “Illumination”), Eyedrum Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia
•   “TEI '08 (the second international conference on tangible and embedded interaction),” Bonn, Germany
•   Hyun Jean Lee, Hyungsin Kim, Guarav Gupta, Ali Mazalek. (2008) “WiiArts: Creating collaborative art  experience with WiiRemote interaction” published in Conference Proceedings of Tangible and Embedded Interaction (TEI '08) (Bonn, Germany, Feb 18-21, 2008), ACM Press (pp. 33-35).

•   Hyun Jean Lee, Hyungsin Kim, Guarav Gupta, Ali Mazalek. (2008) Workshop paper “Collaborative Art Experiences in Dark Spaces: Illumination and Beneath” accepted and will be presented in CHI “Art. Science.   Balance.” conference workshop, Night and darkness: Interaction after dark (CHI '08) (Florence, Italy, April 6,2008).

•   Digital Media open house, Georgia Institute of Technology, December 12, 2007.
•   GVU 15th, GVU Center open house, October 25, 2007.