<The Breath of the Sea>, 2014 <Ripplecast>, 2009 <Ripplecast>, 2009
<Ripplecast)>, 2008 <Cromaflow>, 2008 <Moons Over You>, 2008
<Illumination>, 2007 <Cross_Being:Dancer(Spinning Screen)>, 2008 <Layered Time>, 2007
<The Spinning Screen_Version 2> <Where's Waldo?>, 2007 <Flora Electronica>, 2007
<Number Orchestra>, 2006 <Tiltable Maps>, 2006 <Cross-Being_Dancers(spinning screen)>, 2004
<Cross-Being_Todd (Tilting Table)>, 2004

<A BeadBall Table>,2004

Virtual Flesh, 2003
<PingPong>, 2003  
Number Orchestra
(version alpha)
interactive performing platform with generative data processing and sound manipulation system, 2006.5
built with Processing, XML, Max/MSP
There are many numbers floating around us. Some of them are important and meaningful to certain people and some of them are not. Somebody might always look at the monitor to see the continuously changing stock market values. Somebody might look up the temperature value that goes up and down hour by hour. Every 8 seconds, new life enters the world and in every 12 seconds one life is gone from this world. Everyday the U.S. Geological Survey reports minor and major earthquakes and volcano activities around the world.

  By using this regularly updating peripheral number information around us, I have created a simple sound-generating platform for an improvisatory performance or an interactive installation for gallery visitor’s performance. Each player can adjust and mix the providing ambient informative numbers as their own ways by selecting or slightly changing values from the pre-recoded set of synthesizing algorithm. Overall, the number information becomes each element of orchestra that individually generates its own taste of sound. The players also use the audio samples to synthesize several sound waves dynamically and make more complicatedly mixed sound. So eventually the combination of the whole performance will creates harmonious music.

  Technically the numbers that keep changing and updating continuously are gathered into Processing application in real time base from many websites through XML. Processing delivers these numbers to Max application, and Max controls the period, amplitude and frequency of sound waves to generate sound. So this piece needs an Apple computer running Max/MSP/Jitter and having Internet connection, sound speakers and video projector.

  This piece hopes to take the player and the audience to the aesthetic feeling about life and death, happiness and disaster, and private and social issue through immersing into the various numbers. So this work intends to reveal the existing but unrecognizable realm to the surface of the water of the sensible world by bridging the domain of social technology and new media art.