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Flora Electronica
- The Electronic Garden as Performance Space -
interactive video installation, Spring 2007

Ali Mazalek, Ken Perlin, Hyun Jean Lee, Yanfeng Chen, Aimee Rydarowski and X-media group

(Sherif Abdelmohsen, Callie Carroll, Myung Doo, Juan Fernandez, Kirti Goel, Shiva Jaini, Mi Youn Jun, Mrunal Kapade, Hyungsin Kim, Sunyoung Kim, Michelle Kwasny, Kurt Margenau, Brian Shrader, Geoffrey Thomas, Pavani Yalla)


Flora Electronica is an electronic garden inhabited by artificial plants equipped with sensors and actuators that acts as a real-time media performance space.

Flora Electronica began as a physical computing and web interfaces media art project conducted jointly between Ali Mazalek's Experimental Media class at Georgia Tech and Ken Perlin's User Interfaces class at NYU in spring 2007. The project will continue to develop beyond the scope of the class and we plan to extend a 3rd leg into the Second Life 3D virtual world.