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Time Ripples
interactive video installation, 2007. 10
cowork with Hyungsin Kim, Gaurav Gupta, Ali Mazalek
mWiiremotes, video projector, computer running MAX / JITTER

Time Ripples is the prototype of a real-time video-processing artwork that explores experimental time/space mappings under the theme of WiiArt. Viewers can point from a certain location on the projected video image to another in order to reveal different moments of time at that section of the video frame. This revealed time slice automatically shrinks as time passes, creating a ripple effect as the surface returns to the original time. WiiArts is an experimental video, audio and image processing art project that invites viewers into a collaborative and expressive art experience. It uses pre-existing sensing technologies provided by Nintendo's WiiRemotes and a wireless Sensor Bar. In its current form, three interactors can work together to create and compose images and sounds.