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<PingPong>, 2003 <liaison X>, 2002  
interactive video 3D game, 2003. 6
3 video projectors, 3 screen displaya, 1 computer running Virtool, mouse and keyboard
exhibited at < ITP winter show>, New Yprk University
mThe < Ping-Pong > is a game playing with two 3D peddles which are inside 3D scenes and can be controlled with a user's actual movement in a physical space. And the interface of the game provides three different points of view on a situation at the same time through three screens.This game is using the interaction in a between a physical and a virtual space. The physical mouse movement of users can control the ping-pong ball and peddles inside a screen. The mouse can be integrated with mouse glove and it makes user more immersed playing into both physical and virtual spaces This game is made using Virtool and Virtool physics system to control 3D objects. And the installation requires three projection screens to give an immersive experience. An online version can help a viewer to interact using a mouse to move ping-pong peddle and the viewer can choose his or her appropriate view each time.The < Ping-Pong > allows participants to play role of two players and the scenes of each player's point of view display on the three screens.