<E l a p s e d>, 2007 <E l a p s e d>, 2007
<Corresponding2>, 2003 <Corresponding>, 2003 < I cut my hand>, 2003
<Breathing Area> <a 3min 30sec - long - nail>, 2002 <LetterFall>, 2002
<Layered Memories>, 2001 <a Billiard table>, 2001 <the Sea - Waving to the sky>, 2000
<the Ways..>, 2000 <Today's Special>, 1997
Today's Special
single channel video, 11min 30sec, 1997. 11
This work is a performance video which has a script to be performed. This work formally follows common formats of 'cooking' programs on TV which is proceeded through dialogues between a presenter of the program and a cooking expert, cooking a specific dish of a day. In this video the two performers around twenties cook a 'Kimchibokumbab', a kind of korean mixed rice dish with kimchi, bacon, cheese and sesame, sharing each role of the performance. However, in their dialogue the viewer can find a lot of metaphores about the hopeful and desirable characters and appearances of their future lovers whom they want to meet and have. Each of metaphores contains younger girl generation's general expectations, inclinations and preferences.
movie(wmv)-under construction