<El a p s e d>, 2007

<E l a p s e d>, 2007
<corresponding2>, 2003 <Corresponding>, 2003 < I cut my hand>, 2003
<Breathing Area> <a 3min 30sec - long - nail>, 2002 <LetterFall>, 2002
<Layered Memories>, 2001 <a Billiard table>, 2001 <the Sea - Waving to the sky>, 2000
<the Ways..>, 2000 <Today's Special >, 1997
single channel video, sound, 6min, 2003. 12
Corresponding to direction. Corresponding to speed. Corresponding between the bouncing ball from left to right, right to left and bouncing screen from right to left, left to right.
Quick Time movie (MPEG4), sound (7.48MB) - re-edited
(In Mac, above MPEG4 movie could be seen after download)
Quick Time movie, sound(12.8MB)