<E l a p s e d>, 2007 <E l a p s e d>, 2007
<Corresponding2>, 2003 <Corresponding>, 2003 < I cut my hand>, 2003
<Breathing Area> <a 3min 30sec - long - nail>, 2002 <LetterFall>, 2002
<Layered Memories>, 2001 <a Billiard table>, 2001 <the Sea - Waving to the sky>, 2000
<the Ways..>, 2000 <Today's Special>, 1997
the Sea - Waving to the sky
single channel video, sound, 2000. 8
exbihited at 1st Solo Exihibition < Turn Around at 'the Between'>,
Insa Art Space of the Korean Culture & Art Foundation at Insadong, Seoul, Sep 6~15, 2000
I want to imagine the sea whose waves are going to the horizon.
movie(wmv), sound (1.82MB)