The Breath of the Sea (2014)

Hyun Jean Lee's 4th Solo Exhibition, "Deep Breathing" 2014

This show was held @ Zaha Contemporary Art Museum, Seoul, Korea (June 6 – 29)

The above work is a sound installation, "The Breath of the Sea" showed as a main work in this exhibition.


Artist Interview

Artist Interview with Hyun Jean Lee, 2013

(Interviewed by Inhye Lee for '', Written in English)


"Light Green Leaves with Light(빛 그리고 빛)", 2012


"Encountering Two Times(마주친 두 시간)", 2012

2-channel video projection installation, stereo sound


"Ripplecast2012"(물수제비던지기 2012), 2012

interactive installation



Review from art critic, Won-Kon Yi, 2008, (PDF file, Written in Korean)

Review from art critics, 2004-2006 copy rolex

Artist Statement


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