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Buliding Process Documentation
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January 2004

First idea sketch. This idea arouse to my mind aspired by the toy which is the toy that person winds a spring, a little ballet dancer on a plate turn together, as the spring runs down.


February~March 2004

After making the base structure, I put a wooden dummy screen for its spinning test. It seemed like it could be revolved several turns by a person's hand spinning. If I put more weight, then it revolved faster.

February 2004

I kept making a more detailed drawing. based on the materials and its system, it needs to be revised again and again. This was the 4th(final) design among those.


April 2004

I finished screen mounting on one side. Then I tested the connection between my powerbook and screen. Although the video quality was not so good, because of its down-converting and up-converting process, the signal still looked reliable. The video signal connection worked well during spinning due to a rotary connector.

February~March 2004

I finished making a base structure for spinning and its counting system. This needs two gears and one rotary connector, four bearinga and two different couplings and one three sixty degree potentiometer.



April 2004

I sent a video image through the computer. I made a customized PIC micro controller board. And I adjusted final tune for PIC coding and MAX/Jitter part programming.

June 2004

During June 2004, I re-made the base structure based on the above 4th design. After rebuilding this, the spinning motion has become smoother and structure has been stronger than before.


April 2004

This is the appearance of rear side. In the mounting plastic cover, there are video up converter and LCD screen board and all of their connections. The front screen's video image was reflected on the mirror.


April 2004

I put a inner side plastic cover for mounting LCD screens and a video up-converter. These were made with several each plastic sheets which was made using laser cut based on the design.


May~June 2004

This is a final installation appearance of this work. I made a stand for this and I covered the plastic cover with a black metal frame.



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